Surface Water

Areas of Expertise
River Restoration
Channel Stability
Riparian Enhancement
Fluvial Geomorphology
Flood Analysis
Floodplain Permitting
Watershed Assessments & Master Plans
Erosion & Sediment Control
Design Engineering
Water Rights & Permitting
Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling
Construction Administration

LA is a leading and innovative provider of surface water services and has completed riverine projects in over 21 states as well as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Our surface water studies are designed to meet the needs of our clients while also protecting the health and integrity of the water body and watershed.

LA specializes in river restoration and has been responsible for several of the more prominent river restoration projects in the United States including projects on the Little Medicine Bow River (WY), Yampa River (CO), and Rogue River (OR).

Prior to design, our engineers and fluvial geomorphologists complete river stability studies recognizing that the evaluation of historic fluvial behavior is the key to future prediction. Combining geomorphology with strong engineering practices allows us to provide clients with “natural solutions” that are not only cost effective, but also require little oversight and management. LA is also well versed in bioengineering methods for stream restoration and has successfully completed projects on river reaches with sensitive, threatened, and endangered listed species.

In addition to providing design and construction administration services, LA completes floodplain permitting on the federal, state, and local level as necessary.

LA is committed to providing you with effective solutions from project conception through construction. Projects are personalized to meet your needs. Please call or email us to learn how we can help you.