Service Areas

As a small firm, LA provides personalized consulting services and expertise in the following disciplines:


LA provides a wide array of geologic services for mineral resource evaluations, due diligence, geomorphic support for engineering studies, water quality and geochemistry studies, and geologic hazard assessments. LA has completed geologic investigations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. Our mineral resource evaluations have addressed commodities such as gold, uranium, coal, copper, lead, zinc, sand, gravel, and rock. LA has completed environmental fatal flaw analyses, reserve evaluations, permitting, mine engineering, and planning.

Groundwater Development

A sustainable, high quality groundwater source is essential for development and growth, especially in the western United States. LA provides a wide array of services for groundwater resources planning, development, and management at both the individual and industrial scale. To address your water supply needs, LA can help with master planning and source development as well as final design and construction.

Surface Water Hydrology

LA focuses on understanding the natural behavior of surface water systems in order to effectively engineer solutions for our clients that are scientifically sound. Integrating our expertise in fluvial geomorphology, environmental science, hydrology, and hydraulic design with our proven construction experience, LA has successfully completed numerous riverine projects and has led many prominent river restoration projects in the U.S.

Agricultural Engineering

LA has worked with individuals and businesses to identify and develop reliable water supplies and improvements for water delivery infrastructure to meet our clients’ current and future needs. Our staff has successfully completed agribusiness and irrigation water projects for farmers, ranchers, irrigation districts, and industrial clients throughout the western United States.

Civil Engineering: Water & Wastewater Design

LA provides civil design services and specializes in water resources engineering for municipalities and industry. Our engineering approach emphasizes the importance of working with different stakeholders including utility personnel, local governments, and permitting or regulatory agencies to ensure a solution that best meets the needs of our clients.

Mining & Energy: Planning, Permitting, & Reclamation

LA designs and manages large, complex mine and energy permitting, operational, and reclamation projects. We are knowledgeable about permitting procedures and have successfully completed land use and mine permitting projects in most states west of the Mississippi River as well as abroad. LA is also a leader in mining reclamation and has received national recognition for our high-quality projects.

CAD, GIS & Modeling Services

Leveraging the latest technology, LA specializes in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), and modeling services. With senior designers and GIS specialists, LA provides clients with accurate mapping and information for planning, design, construction, management, litigation, and analysis.