Founded in 1986, Lidstone and Associates, Inc. (LA) integrates expertise in engineering, geology, and water resources to develop innovative and award-winning solutions for our clients. LA is committed to responding quickly and effectively to the needs of our clients and to the successful completion of each project. Going forward, the company will now be known as Lidstone & Associates – A Wenck Company (Lidstone) and service offerings will expand into Air Quality, Environmental Management and Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Review and Assessment, Facility and Process Engineering, Industrial Hygiene and Safety, Natural Resources, Real Estate, Site Assessments, Sustainability, Traffic Engineering, Waste Management, and Water Resources. Effective July 1, 2015, our employees from Lidstone will join the existing Wenck staff of over 275. Visit the Wenck website to learn more. We are one company, many services. This merger is reflected in our logo. Contact us to discover how we can help you realize your project goals.

We look forward to working with you. Please contact us to learn how we can address your needs.